Food, Brands & ERP!

  • by Marcus Leathwood - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 00:00
I am a home cook fanatic; I have over 30 cook books spanning a broad range of cultures and cuisines, yet I rarely follow a recipe. My son eats home cooked food, my wife and I rarely go out to eat without asking the question "could we have created better at home?", and we virtually never eat fast food. 
Yet as a marketeer of touching 2 decades experience a couple of brand recognitions stick in my mind, 'Just Do It' Nike, 'Holidays Are Coming' Coca Cola, but the one that is beginning to resonate the strongest is Burger King 'Have It Your Way' .... 
At Acuity we are launching into a new way of thinking, we want to offer the right service and solutions to the broadest spectrum of customers, and feel the noise in the marketplace being created by what's newest and what's shiniest is not necessarily what is right for you the customers. 
On-premise or cloud?
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That doesn't cover half the questions or options available; what about hosting? what about subscription pricing? what about total cost of ownership? security? user adoption? services wrapper? fixed price projects? 
Join Acuity and Sage at the IOD on the 3rd of April to discuss "2 cloud or not 2 cloud - what are the questions"
Acknowledgement to Burger King, at Acuity  "ERP; have it your way"
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