Choosing the right solution is vital in taking your company forward. Taking into account not only the present but the future is crucial in getting the best value. As you look through our unique portfolio please bear in mind how important it can be to talk to an expert in ERP solutions. With years of experience in adding value to businesses of all types we are happy to help. Understanding a company’s specific requirements before putting forward a solution is the correct way to move forward.


Sage 200 Extra & 200 Extra Online – With the possibility of both on premise and cloud deployment Sage 200 Extra/Online offers impressive flexibility. Often used by companies of 20 to 200 people with a turnover of £1 to £50 million this modular ERP system is often the first port of call for growing companies.

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Sage 300 – A comprehensive multinational business management solution, Sage 300 is used throughout the world and is built on the most flexible and expandable architecture today whilst being cost effective and quick to implement. 

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Sage X3 – A multi-lingual, multi-currency solution that is Sage’s flagship product; offering the ability to work in real-time, whilst being highly scalable, easy to use and supporting up to 2,000 simultaneous users. Sage X3 is aimed at medium to large businesses.

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Sage CRM – Customer Relationship Management is quickly becoming a crucial technology for business worldwide. Sage CRM integrates with the ERP options to provide the user access not only to everyday information but a customer’s core financials if required. It is also available as a stand alone solution.

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