In the leisure industry your focus has to be on the experience you give your customers. If your systems aren’t one hundred per cent reliable, easy to use, and designed around your business, then you may find it hard to serve customers efficiently and effectively.

Letting others take it easy is hard work

At Acuity we have the solutions and the expertise to build you a system that will deliver the fast, seamless, exceptional experience your customers demand. At the same time we can ensure that you have an integrated business solution on which to build your ongoing business success.

Putting your customers first

You may have multiple locations and products, but whatever the complexity behind the scenes, your customers simply want a seamless service. With our integrated customer relationship solutions everyone will have the information they need to hand in every prospect and customer interaction. This intelligent use of technology will support your ability to deliver a highly personalised service, across all your operations.

Making technology work for you

You need to know what’s going on in every part of your business and share that information quickly and easily. Fast and effective decision making, coupled with comprehensive management information, will save you time and money. Our sophisticated enterprise resource planning solutions help manage everything from stock levels through to financial reporting, and give you the answers you need, whenever you need them.