What could a paperless office save your business?

  • by Marcus Leathwood - Wed, 07/02/2014 - 00:00
Are you producing a large number of documents every month?
Are you printing and posting a high proportion of these documents?
If the answer is yes, then a move towards a paperless business will save you time and money. 60% of our Sage 200 base enhance their business using Spindle Professional, the paperless office software from Draycir.

What is Spindle Professional?

With 25,000 users worldwide, Spindle Professional automatically sends out documents (including invoices, sales orders, delivery notes and remittances) and simplifies the whole Document Management process. With just one click, documents can be branded to your company, have terms & conditions attached, promotional offers added and designs changed, depending on how and what you send out. It allows you to send your business documents to several places, archiving them against the relevant contact or companies within Sage or CRM for easy access, freeing up your time and saving your business money. Spindle Professional integrates with Sage 200, Sage 300 and Sage ERP X3.

How can Spindle Professional enhance your business?


1.    Save time and eliminate errors

-    The ‘Intelligent’ application is pre-programmed to fax, email, print or store documents automatically depending on your settings.
-    Sends batches of documents via email in one go.
-    Automatically sends a copy of the customer communication to the sales person or relevant key contact to keep them informed, improving communication between departments.


2.    Reduce costs and save money

-    Protect your business against rising stamp prices. Stamp prices have increased by over 50% in the past 5 years. By emailing or faxing documents, Spindle Professional dramatically reduces expenditure and delays on postage.
-    It costs approximately £1 to print & post each document, so Spindle Professional offers a return on investment within a year, even if as little as 350 documents a month are delivered.
-    Reduced stationary costs- Office workers get through an average of 50 sheets of paper per day, most of which goes straight into the bin. Spindle Professional can dramatically reduce this wastage.


3.    Enhance your company's image

-    Designed to help businesses create the right impression by automatically branding and adding logos to documents so they look as good as pre-printed stationery.
-    Automatically selects the correct stationery set for different brands, companies, regions or countries on a document by document basis.
-    Allows promotions and messages to be quickly and easily added and removed for up-to-the minute accuracy.


4.    Reduce environmental impact

-    Sending documents by email and fax can dramatically cut down the amount of pre-printed paper used by your business reducing your company's carbon footprint and environmental impact.


5.    Authenticate and protect documents

-    Any company or department sending sensitive or important documentation to customers, suppliers or contractors will benefit from using PDF digital signatures. Digital signatures allow a business to assure its recipients that documents have come from an authenticated source. Ensuring compliance and reducing operating costs.
If you are an Acuity customer and would like to see Spindle Professional in action, please contact the account management team at accountmanagement@acuitysolutions.co.uk for a demonstration.