Sage ERP X3; views from our Operations Director

  • by Marcus Leathwood - Tue, 09/09/2014 - 00:00
In a recent Interview with Steve Fuller our Operations Director he explained the reasons why Acuity have had such success over the past 4 years implementing the product;
and the areas that he believes are vital to ensure the Acuity team continue grow and deliver with excellence.

Sage ERP X3 Successful Implementations - It’s all about the CORE TEAM!

It’s been an interesting journey across the past 4 years of my team working with Sage ERP X3.  From going off in April 2010 to 6 weeks of intensive training to understand the product and its functionality, I very quickly realised that this was such a powerful product it needed far cleverer people than me to work with it!
So I embarked on a plan to recruit, cross train and develop a team with the aim to be the best, not the biggest but the BEST, X3 implementation team in the country.  Have I achieved it?  I believe so, and I would put my team up against anyone with their Professionalism, Tenacity and Desire to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers’ requirements.
So what sets Acuity apart from our competition? We have a team that has no passengers, we only lose people from the team who we can easily be replaced, we have a team that contains only people who can add value, and we have a team that works as one.  It really is all about the CORE TEAM!
Consultative Approach   I believe CONSULTANTS should CONSULT, not just ask how the customer wants something setup. Challenge, Recommend, give the benefit of knowledge from other implementations and communicate with the customer so they understand what they can have and the value it can deliver.
Organisation The approach and the project must be organised efficient and consultants should always be organised in their daily activities.  It comes from strong project management, a team that works well at communicating with each other and support by solid leadership.
Relationship with Customer I want my consultants to build strong relationships with the customer project team whilst they are working with them.  Yes I want them to challenge the customer to ensure what we are providing is the best solution but this can be done in a professional manner;  this ensures relationships are made and developed through strong communication, honesty and trust.
Excellence in delivery The NON –negotiable element of any consultant engagement with the customer. Excellence in delivery is the first thing my consultants think about in the morning, and the last thing they think about at night.  I am extremely lucky that my team all believe in this value as being second none; and they take it personally if a customer is not satisfied.
Technical Ability and Knowledge You can’t provide excellent delivery without the Technical Ability and Knowledge. Too often junior people are pushed into projects (and even worse into Senior Roles) without the required skills.  It is not just about working with a product, it’s about living it, loving it and challenging yourself every day to overcome things that arise.  I don’t believe there are many consultant in the world that know everything about the product but it’s the ability to investigate and build on the skills and knowledge that you have, to come up with the right solution that sets my team apart.  It’s about passion and professionalism, it can’t be taught, it’s either within you or it isn’t.
Experience  They say it speaks for itself and I can’t disagree! How can you hope to talk knowledgeably, consult and challenge about a subject if you haven’t had experience of similar environments and situations.  Senior consultants have to have the world skills to prove credibility, and they then need to have the skills in the product to put it into practice.
Analysis of Requirements We are lucky that our Sales and Pre-Sales team start the analysis of the requirements from day 1 of an engagement.  More than that, they are really good at it!  The important thing within successful projects is that this Analysis continues all the way through the implementation and beyond.  Make sure you know what the customer wants, qualify that you are doing it how they are happy with it being done, check again, refine, check again and keep checking!
Management It’s difficult, but vital to have strong management both of your internal team AND THE CUSTOMER.  Project Management is non-negotiable across all of our X3 projects and a key reason for success as is involvement from the Project Sponsors throughout.  Teams work better together with a defined structure and roles and responsibilities defined very early.  We ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them and pull together as partners to ensure that everyone succeeds with what the need to do!
It may sound simple but believe me it’s not.  However, it’s made easier by having the right people around you. There are many organisations who have tried to add Sage ERP X3 to their product portfolio but not too many have succeeded.
One of the things Steve mentioned on a number of occassion was “I love being the least clever person in the room”, and when I sit in one of our X3 team meetings I believe I am!
Do you believe you have the CORE TEAM values to be part of the team?  Drop Steve an email at if you fit the bill!
Could Acuity help you execute a future or planned Sage ERP X3 project? the answer in all honesty is probably yes.