Data Integration – Reaching a Single version of the truth

  • by Marcus Leathwood - Thu, 07/17/2014 - 20:04
  • Sage 200

Today’s business environment requires applications that talk to each other, share data and provide a single data source.

A lack of connectivity between Sage 200 and your other business applications could be causing your business significant problems. Such as, time delays between manual processes, repetitive data entry, lack of communication between departments and increased errors and running costs.

Why put up with inefficiency when there is a simple solution? Integration

Integration can:

•    Greatly improve customer service with faster response times.
•    Enhance capacity - greater automation allows you to deal with much larger volumes of business and reduced costs in the medium and long term.
•    Improve accuracy – with all front and back-office departments accessing the same data the chances of errors are greatly reduced leading to a better use of staff time.
•    Allow more accurate, real time reporting capabilities.

Data Exchange

An integration solution for Sage 200 is Data exchange from Eureka.

Data exchange seamlessly integrates Sage 200 with your ecommerce sites and 3rd party systems such as warehousing software, ERP software, CRM software, or industry-specific solutions. Working with CSV and/or XML file formats, Data Exchange automates the import and export of information, meaning you never have to re-enter data between your systems. Ensuring data consistency and accuracy throughout your whole business.

Bespoke Integration

Acuity Solutions have worked with many customers to integrate their business applications and provide them with a single version of the truth.

Results have varied between customer to customer bringing both qualitative and quantitative ROI’s (Return on Investment).

We recently developed a system integration to provide a customer in the retail industry with greater control over their purchase accounting. By integrating the bespoke stock management and warehousing system with Sage 200 financials, “Purchase order” records within Sage 200 were created to accept data from the bespoke system via the ecommerce site. The bespoke system delivers data to Sage 200 on a regular basis without user intervention, saving time and reducing the exposure to in-correct accounting.

The new records in Sage allow the Users to convert the data to invoices on the purchase ledger with full reconciliation of Products, Quantities and Pricing. Also allowing for cross matching of items on more than one purchase order record with a single invoice.

All transactions are fully auditable and the customer is now able to keep proper control over the accounting for their Purchases resulting in a more effective business model.

This company is a Fast Track 100 company and is continuing to grow rapidly.

For more information on how integration could work for you or a demonstration of Data Exchange please contact Acuity Solutions at